Ensuring data quality at every stage.

Maximize your AI investment

Data without integrity leads to incorrect or non-actionable insights, making your model ineffective. Processing too slow is as bad as not processing at all; get faster results with better data.

Help your expensive data science domain experts get to doing what they do best — and minimize routine data prep. Your data experts know that powerful insights depend on the consistent quality of input data; give them data with integrity.

Prototype with the right data.

Routine data prep is 79% of data science. Cut down the repetitive tasks by providing your team with the tools they need.

Take the guesswork out of what constitutes quality data. Detect and address emergent and evolving bias to keep up with data changes.

Take AI models to production.

Going from prototype to production can scale input data by multiple orders of magnitude.

Keep up to production speed while ensuring your model gets quality data. Act on valid insights that address your needs in real time.

We are a multidisciplinary team recruited by a Canada Research Chair and backed by a world-class venture capitalist.


Photo of Owen Matthews

Owen Matthews

Founder and Chairmain of the Alacrity Foundation Canada

Owen is a successful technology entrepreneur and investor. He is a current board member at Counterpath, SaaSquatch, HYAS, Tutela, Pretio, Echosec, Encepta, Quantotech, and Talkative.

Photo of Amyn Rajan

Amyn Rajan

CEO, Rajan Holdings Inc.

Amyn is a serial entrepreneur with expertise in mobile, BI, OLAP, data access, data analytics, cloud, and Big Data. He was previously CEO of two successful startups: Simba Technologies and Orbital Technologies.

Photo of Dr. Thomas Darcie

Dr. Thomas Darcie

BSc (Waterloo), MASc, PhD (Toronto), FIEEE, FOSA, PEng

Professor and Canada Research Chair in Optical Systems for Communications, Imaging and Sensing

Electrical and Computer Engineering, with research interests in fiber-optic systems and technology and broadband networks.

Photo of Dr. Stephen Neville

Dr. Stephen Neville

BEng, MASc, PhD (UVic), PEng

Associate Professor

Electrical and Computer Engineering, with research interests in cyber-security, large-scale information systems, data science and big data.

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