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Professional AI Services

Tap into 60+ years of applied AI expertise so you can navigate the AI revolution with confidence

At Revela, we are your trusted partner for all things AI. 

Calling all leaders, founders, and executives

  • Are you feeling pressure to implement AI, no matter the costs?

  • Is your team having trouble understanding how AI can safely deliver value to your business?

  • Are you struggling to justify the investment of a dedicated in-house AI team?

  • Will you still have an edge when your competitors bring AI into their products?


Our Services

Before you hire that $300K+ per year AI executive, come talk to us. We’ll get you started much sooner for far less.

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AI Adoption

ChatGPT, customer service bots - you name it - we help you decide which readily available AI products will genuinely benefit your business. We’ll even train you on how to best use them.

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AI Strategy

Implementing AI doesn't come without risk. We'll mitigate the risk by working with you to evaluate AI vendors, understand ROI for AI projects, and ensure you are compliant with relevant AI regulations. 

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AI Product Dev

Are you looking to rule your industry? Our AI engineers will work directly with your team to design, train, and deploy your very own proprietary AI models, giving you an edge over the competition.

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We have extensive knowledge in AIOps - essentially DevOps for AI. We make sure your AI projects reach production and continue to function reliably and accurately over time. 

Our Approach

At Revela, we take an intimate approach to professional services. That's why we only work with a handful of select clients at any given time. With us, you get the quality and commitment of an in-house team coupled with the flexibility of a consultant. 





Our Portfolio

Our clients range from global fortune 500 corporations to disruptive start-ups. We understand how teams large and small like to approach AI. 

Our clients range from global fortune 500 corporations to disruptive startups. We've embarked on the AI journey with teams both large and small. 


Developed AI-powered enterprise software for a top 5 prime defense contractor which saves the Canadian Navy support team 2.1 hours per person daily.

Financial Services

In less than 2 weeks, implemented a real-time data processing pipeline to automatically classify personal banking transactions.


Leveraged AI to detect anomalies in 20+ terabytes of streaming telecom data daily. System alerts provide valuable information to the incident response team.

Cyber Security

Acted as a liaison between a cyber security startup and Microsoft. Developed proprietary algorithms to detect suspicious network activity.


What Our Clients Say


"Revela plays a pivotal role in delivering innovative, enterprise-grade software to our customers. We expect to lean on their AI expertise more heavily in the future as out customers' needs evolve."

Customer testimonial for defense.

- Jeffrey Spencer



"The Revela team has been an exceptional partner in supporting the implementation and refinement of our data science models. Their business model supplants a requirement to build an internal team."  

Customer testimonial.

- Jason Kryski



"Revela has been a great technology partner for us. They were committed to our goals and critical in helping us onboard machine learning technology. I look forward to future projects with them."

Customer testimonial for cyber security.

- Paul van Gool

   VP of Engineering

   HYAS Infosec

“Revela was a committed, flexible, and dependable technology partner. They listened well, did a great job of keeping us up to date, and I look forward to working with them again.”

Customer testimonial for telecom.

- Hunter Macdonald



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