Focus your ML efforts on building, not maintaining.

We're reducing how much time ML developers are spending on maintenance work.
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Instrument your production models with our plug-and-play monitoring service, so you can focus on building your next great idea.


Monitoring as a Service: 
  • Free up to 25% of your ML team’s time from maintenance work

  • Automatically collect failure data while your models are failing - don’t wait for a post-mortem

  • Streamline routine health-checking and retraining on production models

  • Receive notifications at the earliest sign of model failure, before your business is negatively impacted

  • Monitor your models 24/7 without requiring human supervision 

  • Improve overall model performance, meaning your customers get a higher quality product

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“Revela was a committed, flexible, and dependable technology partner. They listened well, did a great job of keeping us up to date, and I look forward to working with them again.”

Hunter Macdonald, CEO at Tutela Technologies