Ensuring data quality at every stage.

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Data is only as effective as its quality and speed of delivery; compromised data leads to false insights, and processing data slowly is as unproductive as not processing it at all, making your model expensive and ineffective.

We are a group of data scientists and software engineers who thrive on solving unique data science problems while ensuring data quality at every stage. Backed by world-class venture capitalists and decades of experience, we know what it takes to get the right data to you quickly. Whatever your industry or challenges are, we understand that powerful business insights depend on the quality of input data.

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Anomaly Detection

We detect anomalies within the context of your unique data stream. Whether it’s an erroneous value, a sudden step down, or a pattern change, we can help you understand which anomalies to care about and act on using iterative model refinement.

Data appraisal

Routine data preparation is 79% of data science. We take the guesswork out of what constitutes quality data by performing data opportunity assessments and audits to ensure it’s suitable for ingestion and use, while cutting down repetitive tasks by providing your team with the tools they need.

Iterative alert refinement

Reduce alarm fatigue and false insights; we help you refine your post-production output using human-in-the-loop iterative model refinement to ensure the right people see the right alerts at the right times.

Scalability consulting

Scaling your data model in production requires efficiency, agility, and confidence in your data’s quality throughout the pipeline. We help you keep up to production speeds while addressing emergent and evolving biases, allowing you to act on valid insights in real time.

AI Solutions

Have something prototyped but need help getting it to production? We specialize in moving prototypes into a production state so you can start making the data work for you.

Our Team

We are a multidisciplinary team of data experts, recruited by a Canada Research Chair and backed by world-class venture capital.

With experience in data science, data engineering, and software engineering, we have the skills to support your data needs end to end.

Autumn Umanetz
Product Direction

Autumn brings his extensive experience of project management and developing computer-aided software engineering tools to lead the data engineering at Revela. Autumn has a drive for creating systems with integrity to ensure the solution has long lasting effects.

Toren Huntley
Business Development

Toren leads Revela’s data analytics efforts and business development. She is passionate about finding the best solution to any problem at hand using cutting-edge statistics and machine learning techniques.

Zev Isert

Combining his in-depth knowledge of software infrastructure and his dedication to researching new advancements in the field, Zev is focused on creating quality software solutions.

Meagan Russell
Software Developer,

Meagan uses her software design experience to implement robust solutions with an emphasis on consistency and quality. She brings a passion for UX that addresses the importance of the end user in expert design.

Owen Matthews
Founder and Chairman of the Alacrity Foundation Canada​

Owen is a successful technology entrepreneur and investor. He is a current board member at Counterpath, SaaSquatch, HYAS, Tutela, Pretio, Echosec, Encepta, Quantotech, and Talkative.

Amyn Rajan
Amyn Rajan
Rajan Holdings Inc.

Amyn is a serial entrepreneur with expertise in mobile, BI, OLAP, data access, data analytics, cloud, and Big Data. He was previously CEO of two successful startups: Simba Technologies and Orbital Technologies.

Dr. Thomas Darcie
Professor | BSc (Waterloo), MASc, PhD (Toronto), FIEEE, FOSA, PEng​

Electrical and Computer Engineering, with research interests in fiber-optic systems and technology and broadband networks.

Dr. Stephen Neville
Associate Professor | BEng, MASc, PhD (UVic), PEng​

Electrical and Computer Engineering, with research interests in cyber-security, large-scale information systems, data science and big data.

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