Revela Systems

2020 Intern Cloud Developer

Revela is looking for a full-time cloud focused software developer.  Under the guidance of our software team lead, you will contribute to the ongoing development of the operational environment for our high performance statistical data processing tools while actively pitching in with the design/development effort of the tools themselves.

Your core tasks will include:

  • Developing processes to smooth the rollout of customized virtual data processing appliances to various cloud environments, at many different scales
  • Data analytics back-end software design
  • Participation in ground level design of our tools and applications


The following technical skills are required to perform this work:

  • Docker container management
  • Kubernetes, Heroku, or other serverless administration
  • Linux scripting and IP networking
  • Python
  • Git

The following experience/qualifications would be an asset to this job:

  • Undergraduate degree directly related to software systems development
  • Certificate from an online course in statistics, programming, or machine learning
  • OOP design and development
  • Unit and integration testing
  • Python’s parallel programming facilities
  • Cloud development experience

The following traits probably don’t appear in your resume, but they’re important to us, and you might want to touch on them in your cover letter:

  • Competent and fun to work with
  • Capable of direct, articulate, and respectful communication
  • Dry sense of humour which does not compromise your written business English
  • Strong desire to work with people who share those traits


This position is subject to the admission requirements outlined in the Digital Skills For Youth progam, listed here under the Intern Eligibility Criteria heading:


Send an email to, including:

  1. Your resume, and
  2. A cover letter touching on qualifications not addressed in your resume.

Who we are

Revela Systems Inc. is a data analytics start-up in Victoria, BC, with a core mission of ensuring quality, health, and reliability in high-volume dynamic data streams.  We build tools to detect data problems like gaps, bias, concept drift, and anomalies — statistically identifiable issues that undermine a customer’s analytics results.  Our toolset was designed to improve the reliability of machine-learning insights, but it applies to any analytics system where it’s important to be working with clean, reliable data.

Working Here

We are a small, flexible employer and are part of the Alacrity companies in Victoria BC. 

Our work environment is similar to other companies in the Alacrity Canada portfolio, and we are proud to be a part of Victoria’s supportive and innovative tech scene.  We are currently working remotely, but anticipate moving back into an office space in the coming months.  We have a collaborative approach that involves group brainstorming, independent implementation and open communication.

You’ll enjoy working with us.  We’re small enough to be confident that everyone here is super awesome; we’re enjoying this gig, and it shows.  We’re a new company, so if you’re a creative problem-solver (and we hope you are), your design input will be welcomed and incorporated into the product.  Our compensation package includes competitive pay, health benefits, and home office upgrades.