Data Filtering

Stop bad data before it wreaks havoc

Clean data is the backbone of data-driven processes. If dirty data is ingested, it can cost a company time, money and resources to find and fix the issues. Our data filter reroutes dirty data, with the option to manually resolve issues before re-ingesting. Therefore, only high quality data is used in downstream processes,  increasing confidence in downstream analytics, and reducing unavailablities caused by data issues. For a free demo, contact us today.

Cloud service

The monitor tool is a containerized, cloud agnostic product that's ready to be deployed into your architecture.


We support many of the common data source integrations, and can create custom ones to suit your needs.


Observe changes to the volume of filtered data and the overall data quality on the access controlled dashboard.


Get notified when the distribution of filtered data changes significantly.


Route the filtered data into an accessible location for manual recovery or to look for interesting patterns.