Are you ingesting dirty data?

“Organizations believe poor data quality to be responsible for an average of $15 million per year in losses

Gartner, 2018


Detect and filter anomalies in real-time. Learn and adapt to a dynamic data stream.


Transform dirty data into usable data by using automated cleaning modules.


Iterate and improve upon the filtering process as the data and requirements change.

Trust your data

Data quality assessments

Revela’s data quality assessment tool will quickly evaluate and score your data, helping to find areas for cost savings. Our scoring system will give you quick and effect insights into how your data architecture can be improved.

Data filtering

Revela’s cloud service filters your real-time and batch data so that only clean data reaches its destination. We help you trust your data by providing custom and comprehensive anomaly detection on each unique data source.

Human-in-the-loop processing

Our augmented human-in-the-loop processing allows you to understand and resolve dirty data while ensuring that you are receiving maximum value from a data source.

Gain Productivity

“On average, 47% of newly-created data records have at least one critical (e.g., work-impacting) error”

Harvard Business Review, 2017

Revela will help you increase productivity at your organization by filtering your data and providing employees with more time to find valuable and accurate insights.

Improve Decision Making

84% of CEOS are concerned about the quality of the data they’re basing their decisions on.ghghgg

Forbes, 2017

Revela removes the risk of leadership making decisions based on bad data with our proprietary data filtering tool. 

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