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[CLOSED] Machine Learning Operations Specialist

Posted: 2022-04-20

About Revela

We’re a startup that builds tooling for Machine Learning (ML) teams so they don’t have to. Our goal is to reduce the cost of maintaining model deployments, allowing data science teams to focus on delivering the best ML products possible.

We know that ML teams can spend upwards 30% of their time manually monitoring their production models or supporting their own in-house monitoring infrastructure. Even worse, many ML teams simply don’t have the capacity to monitor their models at all leading to unchecked models and potentially catastrophic outcomes. We are building an ML monitoring product that shoulders this responsibility, while providing the observability teams need to catch and diagnose problems with their models early. 

Our team is hiring a machine learning operations specialist to help us surface the right metrics, at the right time, for each model we monitor.

In this role, you’ll be

  • Creating and implementing metrics to show ML teams about their models

  • Incorporating customer feedback to build out useful product features 

  • Contributing to application design and development

  • Working mostly remotely, with occasional in-office days to connect with the team

  • Collaborating with the team on new ideas and approaches

  • Showcasing your pets on video calls (we also accept plants)

Our ideal candidate has experience with:

  • Deploying ML models and measuring their performance OR

  • Training ML models and has interest in converting their knowledge of model analysis metrics into a continuous system

Bonus points if you have experience with:

  • Measuring performance of image classification, natural language processing, or timeseries forecasting models

  • Model frameworks like Scikit Learn, Tensorflow, etc.

  • ML experiment tracking systems like MLFlow, Kubeflow, Sagemaker, etc.

  • Deploying to a cloud environment

  • Developing in Python

  • Application development using git

Why work with us:

  • Tread new ground in an exciting and dynamic field

  • Solve challenging problems 

  • Make a positive impact on ML teams everywhere

  • Be part of a close-knit team of friendly and intelligent peers

  • Embrace a healthy work-life balance that lets you go enjoy the sun in the middle of the day

  • Pursue the work that most interests you

  • End each day with a sense of accomplishment and job satisfaction

  • Competitive compensation and benefits

Apply by introducing yourself with an email to, with your resume attached.