Data Quality Monitoring

Anomaly detection working for you

Observability of your data helps increase confidence in model results and reduces time spent finding and fixing errors. Our monitoring tool provides a simple interface to monitor the quality of your data over time, providing alerts on the issues that matter to you. For a free demo, contact us today.

Cloud service

The monitor tool is a containerized, cloud agnostic product that's ready to be deployed into your architecture.


We support many of the common data source integrations, and can create custom ones to suit your needs.


Observe incidents and the overall quality of your data on the access controlled dashboard.


Get alerted when the quality of your data changes. Use the alert history page to view, manage and discuss each alert.

Quality score

Use our standardized quality score to track overall data quality over time.

Quality Indicators

Our monitoring tool takes into consideration many aspects of data quality. It will automatically adapt to the data it's connected to and use a subset of the quality indicators listed below.

Schema changes

Format changes

Category inconsistencies

Timeseries irregularities

Inconsistent text entries


Pattern shifts

Data volume changes

Data freshness