• Zev Isert

8 Best Online Form Builders

Updated: Mar 2, 2021

Forms are commonly used to collect important information used in a business’s data-driven decision making process. There are many different online form builders, and it is important that you pick the one with the features necessary to do the job you want. Below we have listed some of the top online form building programs.

1. Paperform

Unique Feature: Landing pages

Price: $12.50-$82.50/month

Paperforms lets you create online forms using unique landing pages. The company markets itself as a “landing form” that is highly customizable: you can use your own HTML & CSS, and there are a variety of custom drag and drop styling options. Additionally the program also has 25+ different question types, supports booking, payments and has 1000+ available integrations.

2. Hubspot Form Builder

Unique Feature: Integration with Hubspot’s CRM software

Price: Free

Hubspot form builder is a free, drag and drop online form builder aimed at sales and marketing professionals. The software integrates seamlessly with the rest of Hubspot’s CRM software, which could be helpful for lead management. The program has 12 different types of form fields, is drag and drop, and offers data enrichment if you use the rest of HubSpot’s software.

3. JotForm

Unique Feature: Visual form creation

Price: Free-$79/month

JotForm is the ideal online drag and drop form solution for visual users. The visual editor Jotform uses allows you to customize the appearance of the form to match branding perfectly. Additionally, Jotform offers thousands of pre-made form templates to inspire your form needs. Jotform also integrates easily with popular marketing platforms.

4. Google Forms

Unique Feature: Google suite/ Google sheets integration

Price: Free

Google Forms is the ideal form solution for users looking for a free, convenient and easy to use solution. Google Forms offers full integration with Google Suite, you can easily export your data into Google Sheets for analysis. Although very convenient and fairly easy to use, Google Forms does not have many customization capabilities, but is the perfect solution if you need to make a quick, simple form.

5. Typeform

Unique Feature: Stunning design

Price: $35-$70/month

Typeform is best for users who are passionate about design and user experience. Typeform has thoughtfully designed templates created to make surveys feel like conversations. Integrations include Google Sheets, Slack and Zapier.

6. Microsoft Forms

Unique Feature: Excel integration

Price: Bundled with Mircrosoft 365

Microsoft Forms is direct competition to Google Forms, offering similar levels of convenience. Microsoft Forms is a simple, easy to use solution that integrates easily with Excel so you can analyze the data from your forms. Microsoft Forms offers customizable themes and works across devices.

7. Cognito Forms

Unique Feature: Free advanced forms at scale

Price: Free-$99/month

Cognito Forms focuses on functionality with an easy drag and drop approach. Part of Cognito Forms functionality includes in-form calculations, conditional logic, electronic signatures, encryptions, file uploads and payments with Paypal, Stripe or Square. Cognito Forms is arguably the most powerful on this list, especially because it offers a free forever version.

8. Formstack

Unique Feature: A/B form testing

Price: $50-$208/month

Formstack specializes in professional forms, and many large organizations such as Netflix use its products. Using a drag and drop approach, Formstack focuses on offering forms for its users who may need to work within industry regulations such as HIPAA. Additionally, Formstack uniquely offers A/B testing for forms so that users can see which questions work best to get responses from users. Formstack also has a range of integrations and offers payments and electronic signatures.