• Zev Isert

Data Quality Analysts

What does a data quality analyst do?

Data quality analysts primarily focus on ensuring that their organization has access to high quality data. They work with massive amounts of data each day, preparing the data for use in their organization, whether that use is analysis, artificial intelligence or machine learning. A data quality analyst profiles data to find and remedy patterns, errors and anomalies. They will also perform validation, standardization and enrichment operations on data, preparing the data for use in the organization.

Which industries do data quality analysts commonly work in?

Data quality analysts work in a multitude of different industries, generally for data-driven companies. Common industries that hire data quality analysts include software, gaming, information technology, finance, healthcare and energy.

What type of education do data quality analysts have?

It is recommended that if you want to become a data quality analyst you have a minimum of a bachelor's degree in either:

  • Mathematics

  • Statistics

  • Information Science

  • Data Science

  • Economics

  • Computer Science

Additional education may be necessary to break into the industry. Data quality analysts are expected to know programming and advanced mathematical and statistical skills.

How much money do data quality analysts make in the US?

Average base salary: $76,920

Range: $67,585 to $85,873