Inflight Data Transforms

Maximize the value of your data

There are many purposes of transforming data, including cleaning, mapping and enriching. Unfortunately, most processes that do this transformation require batched data. Our Inflight Data Transforms product lets you prepare your data in real-time so your speed to insights doesn't rely on a delayed process. For a free demo, contact us today.

Cloud service

The monitor tool is a containerized, cloud agnostic product that's ready to be deployed into your architecture.


We support many of the common data source integrations, and can create custom ones to suit your needs.


Track the progress of your data transformations and their results on the access controlled dashboard.


Get notified when a large shift to the data transformation input occurs.


Stay on top of dynamic data streams by using adaptable transformations that leverage the learning capabilities of AI.

Data Transformations

Leverage your data source by ensuring it's prepared, in real-time, for it's intended use. Our inflight data transformation tool can be configured to use a subset of the data transformations listed below.

Schema mapping

Data cleaning

Feature addition

Classification tags

Category mapping

Custom transformations