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Our Mission

Our mission is to eliminate AI downtime by predicting model failures before they happen. 


Our Story

Since 2019 Revela has been developing data science products for organizations in defense, fintech, cybersecurity, and telecom. Through this work we experienced first hand the challenges around getting AI out of the lab and into production. This inspired us to develop solutions that solve these pains for the wider community. In 2022 we launched the self-titled Revela proactive AI monitoring API which now serves as the backbone for our AI software solutions. 


We are a team of industry experts, data scientists and software engineers who thrive on contributing to the field of machine learning. Backed by world-class venture capitalists and decades of experience, we know what it takes to get maximum value from your models in production. Whatever your industry, we're here to help you deploy AI safely and efficiently.  

The AI tooling industry consists two types of offerings: large managed platforms that cover the entire AI lifecycle and best-in-breed tools that specialize in a single area. Managed platforms provide a consolidated environment, but are inflexible and limit the developer's need for customization. Best-in-breed tools allow developers to build their ideal stack, but they end up with multiple dashboards strung together resulting in a fractured user experience. ​

Developers want the best of both scenarios: best-in-breed modularity combined under a single pane of glass. Revela enables this by delivering best-in-breed AI monitoring with the flexibility of a true API. We bring advanced AI monitoring to platforms and dashboards you already use.


Our Thesis

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